Assessor's Office

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The duty of the Town Assessor is to put a value on real property so that the School, County, Town, and Special District taxes may be apportioned among property owners. This valuation determines what each property owner’s share of taxes will be, whereas the actual dollars that must be paid are determined by their various budgets.

The Assessor also administers various real property tax exemptions authorized under state and local law. These include Star, veterans, the elderly, agricultural, clerical, and partial or full exemptions for certain parcels owned by non-profit organizations which qualify by reason of religious, charitable, or educational use. In all cases, applications for these exemptions must be filed no later than March 1.

It is up to the individual owners to monitor their own assessments. Taxpayers who feel they are not being fairly assessed should meet with their assessor before the tentative assessment roll is established in an informal setting. The assessor can explain how the assessment was determined and the rationale behind it.

Assessors are interested only in fairly assessing property in their assessing unit. If your assessment is correct and your tax bill still seems too high, the assessor cannot change that. Complaints to the assessor must deal only with the assessment of the property.

The final assessment roll is filed on July 1 and it is on the values in this roll that taxes for the following year are apportioned.

The current Assessment Roll for East Fishkill can be found using the link on the right.

Important dates in the Assessor’s Office are:

Taxable Status Date

March 1

Tentative Completion of Roll

May 1

Grievance Day

4th Tuesday in May

Final Filing of Roll

July 1

Tax Relief Programs available to East Fishkill Residents (STAR, Seniors, Firefighters, Veterans, Disabilities)

For information on the STAR and Enhanced STAR programs, visit the NYS STAR Property Tax Relief web page. Please do not contact our office regarding this program, as it is filed directly with New York State. For more information, call (518) 457-2036.

For more information on how to apply for Veteran’s Tax Exemptions, please visit the “NYS Veterans’ Exemption” web page or the NYS Division of Veterans’ Affairs “Property Tax Exemptions For Veterans” web page.

For more information on how to apply for Person with Disabilities Tax Exemptions, please visit the “NYS Exemption for Persons with Disabilities” web page and the “NYS Exemption for Persons with Disabilities – Disability Requirements” web page.

In order to receive the Volunteer Firefighters’ / Ambulance Workers’  Tax exemption, you must meet the following critera:

  1. The exemption is available only to members of incorporated volunteer fire companies, fire departments or incorporated volunteer ambulance services who service East Fishkill and have been certified as being enrolled members for at least five years.
  2. Your primary residence must be in East Fishkill.

To apply visit the “NYS Volunteer Firefighters’ and Ambulance Workers’ Credit” web page.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What should I do if I believe my assessment is unfair?
    • If you own property in New York State, you are eligible for formal review of your assessment. If you believe that the assessment made on your property is unfair, contact the Assessor’s office. For more information on how to contest your assessment, visit the NYS Contest Your Assessment guidelines.
  • I have questions about my assessment, what should I do?
    • If you have any questions regarding your assessment, contact the Assessor’s office.
  • What/When is Grievance Day?
    • Grievance Day for the Town of East Fishkill is always on the 4th Tuesday in May. If you believe that the assessment that you received was unfair, you can file a grievance form. Only the current tentative assessment role can be grieved, not assessments from previous years. On this day, the Board of Assessment Review (BAR) will evaluate the Grievance petitions that they have received. For more information on the Grievance process, contact the Assessor’s office or visit the NYS Grievance Procedures web page.