Applications for Construction Building Permits

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Building Department Applications:

Please download:

  1. The General Building Permit Application
  2. The Building Department Fee Schedule
  3. The List of NYS Certified Electrical Inspectors Registered with the Town of East Fishkill **
    (if electrical work is being performed)
  4. AND the appropriate Specific Application Package for your project below.

**  To be listed as an Electrical Inspector with the Town, download & submit the Electrical Inspector Application

If you have any questions, please call the Building Department at (845) 221-2427.

E-mails to the Building Department should be addressed to

Building Department’s General Permit Application Process:

When the Building Department receives an Application (General Permit Application to be used for every project), the process starts.

  1. The application needs to be complete – all pertinent information needs to be submitted (see Permit package (project-specific) for work being done).
  2. A pre-site inspection is scheduled with the Applicant/Contractor.
  3. After the site inspection, a plan review is done by the Building Inspector.
  4. Once the Application has been approved, a Permit will be issued.
  5. We will call for Permit pick-up when ready.
  6. Permit cards should be posted, and work may begin.
  7. The Applicant/Contractor should call in for all inspections.  This will be discussed at the pre-site inspection.
  8. Once the final inspection has been completed and passed, a Final Certificate will be issued.

Please note:  A Certificate of Occupancy fee is required, if applicable.

Please See The List Of Application Requirements And Inspections For Each Specific Project Below.


**** Applications Can Be Submitted To The Building Department By Mail, Dropped Off In Our Drop Box Located In The Vestibule In The Front Of The Building, Or In Person Between The Hours Of 8:00 am – 4:00 pm Monday Thru Friday. ****

Project-Specific Permit Application Packages:

(additional Permits and Information for download can be found below)

Accessory Unit

Additions (RESIDENTIAL) *

  • Living Space
  • Garages

Alterations and Renovations

Boiler / Furnace / HVAC / Water Heater

Buildings and Additions (COMMERCIAL) *


Construction Trailer *

Decks and Porches *


Detached Garages and Pool Houses *

Dwelling *

Echo Units *


You must download the List of NYS Certified Electrical Inspectors Registered with the Town of East Fishkill with the Electrical Permit Application.
This file is updated often and is posted as a separate download above.


Finished Basements


Fuel Storage Tank (COMMERCIAL)

  • Installation
  • Removal
  • Abandon

Fuel Storage Tank (RESIDENTIAL)

  • Installation
  • Removal
  • Abandon

Mobile Home *

Municipal Search

Incomplete Municipal Search Requests (missing required information, such as well tests, smoke/carbon affidavits, etc.) shall be voided in 180 days.

New York State Affidavit of Compliance of Smoke and Carbon Monoxide (C.O.) Detectors Installation

Occupancy (COMMERCIAL)

Outdoor Furnace

Pools *

Propane Tank Re-Fill Station (COMMERCIAL) *

Roof Replacement

Sheds *


Tennis / Sport Court *

Water Test Collectors Registered with the Town of East Fishkill (for Homeowners)

The Mandatory Part 5 Water Test required by the Town does NOT include testing for PFOS or PFOA; however, the Town does recommend testing for these compounds.

Water Collector Permit Application and East Fishkill Well Testing Protocol

Wood / Gas / Pellet Stoves and Fireplaces


Engineering Department Applications:

The following Permit Application is to be submitted directly to the Engineering Department with the appropriate fees.

Please download:

  1. The Engineering Department’s General Permit Application
  2. The Engineering Department Fee Schedule
  3. AND the appropriate Specific Application Package for your project below.

If you have any questions, please call the Engineering Department at (845) 221-2428.

Driveways (New) *

Floodplain Development Permit *

Grading, Clearing & Filling Permit *

Retaining Walls

Rock Crushing & Screening *

Sewer Service *

Steep Slope Disturbance Permit  *

Utility Road Opening Permit *

Water Service *

Wetland Disturbance Permit

Download Plot Plan Requirements Here


Additional Forms & Information:

East Fishkill Sewer Regulations

Septic Law Inspection Form for the East of Hudson and Hillside Lake watersheds

Zoning Complaint Form

Zoning Verification Request Form